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We are a Cannabis tech company based out of Kelowna, BC.


What We Do

VSSL specializes in the development of proprietary genetics, cultivation and extraction pipelines.

Our Team


Kyle Remenda - CEO

Kyle is the CEO of VSSL and a passionate advocate within the medical marijuana industry. Kyle is the visionary behind VSSL, ensuring that they are the first choice for companies and individuals as their trusted source of marijuana for medical purposes.

Before starting VSSL, Kyle worked in the medical marijuana industry with established legal grow operations in North America. Within Kyle’s pursuit to create and sample the best marijuana around the globe, he has assembled ample expertise of plant breeding, production craft and is more than familiar with the lay of the land within the thriving marijuana industry.

Kyle has worked in various leadership and consulting roles in North America. While working  As a result, he has a track record for leading, managing and delivering consistent consumable medicine.


Philippe Henry - CSO/PHD Genetics

Philippe is a Population Geneticist and Cannasseur. His recent research focuses on using genomic and bioinformatic tools to shed light on the genetic basis of key traits of the Cannabis plant and the Cannabis-Human relationship. His accounts include LPs, section 9 dealers, dispensaries, extraction technologists and international corporations whose primary target is the development and maintenance of elite Cannabis varieties and delivery systems. In addition to developing protocols for diagnostic tools and process optimization, he is also the principal investigator of the Recreational Genomics Consortium and 420andme, two research endeavours developing a comprehensive knowledge base to harness the diverse Cannabis gene pools to enhance our understanding of the therapeutic potential of Cannabis and its derivatives. 

 - Technical Advisor at Medcann SAS Columbia
 - Head Geneticist at OhCannabis Inc
 - Adjunct Professor at UNBC


Jim Arnall - Director

Jim is a seasoned executive with 35 years of management experience in the import / export business in North America and worldwide.



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