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We build predictive tools for the cannabis industry. 


What We Do

VSSL builds predictive tools for the cannabis industry. Whether you are a breeder, cultivator or processors, understanding the genetic basis of key traits of interest such as yield, expression of secondary metabolites or disease resistance can provide a competitive advantage by allowing rapid decision making and process optimization. We use molecular and bioinformatics tools to deliver unique solutions suited to our customers’ diverse germplasm and business models.

Our Team


Kyle Remenda

Kyle is the CEO of VSSL and a passionate advocate within the medical marijuana industry. Kyle is the visionary behind VSSL, ensuring that they are the first choice for companies and individuals as their trusted source of marijuana for medical purposes.

Before starting VSSL, Kyle worked in the medical marijuana industry with established legal grow operations in North America. Within Kyle’s pursuit to create and sample the best marijuana around the globe, he has assembled ample expertise of plant breeding, production craft and is more than familiar with the lay of the land within the thriving marijuana industry.

Kyle has worked in various leadership and consulting roles in North America. As a result, he has a track record for leading, managing and delivering consistent consumable medicine.


Philippe Henry
CSO/PHD Genetics

Philippe is a cannabis geneticist who focuses on using genomic and bioinformatic tools to shed light on the genetic basis of key traits of the cannabis plant and the cannabis-human relationship. He has developed a comprehensive knowledge base and specialized algorithms with the goal to harness the diverse cannabis gene pools and enhance our understanding of the therapeutic potential of cannabis and its derivatives. 

His primary target is the development and maintenance of elite Cannabis varieties, cultivation, processing and delivery systems. In addition to developing protocols for diagnostic tools and process optimization, he is also the principal investigator of the Recreational Genomics Consortium and 420andme which he has lead as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia. Philippe has also held a variety of roles in the industry, including being the former VP of R&D at The Flowr Corporation, and a former Technical Advisor for Medcann SAS in Colombia. 



Cindy Orser
Scientific Advisor

Drawing from over 25 years of experience innovating in both academia and private industry, Dr. Orser holds twenty issued US Patents, numerous foreign patents and has authored sixty-one peer-reviewed publications.  She was awarded a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in Plant Biology, where she discovered the molecular basis of bacterial ice nucleation to be a single genic trait responsible for widespread frost injury on agronomic crops.  She was also a tenured professor of Biochemistry and Bacteriology at the University of Idaho where she characterized the microbial dehalogenation pathway for pentachlorophenol.

Twelve years ago, Dr. Orser founded Big Sky Biosystems Inc.  through which  she provides scientific, technical, regulatory and strategic affairs consulting for the diagnostics and cannabis industry.  She created a replicable cannabis testing environment for a publicly traded US company to ensure cannabis and cannabis-based products are safe once they reach the dispensary shelves.  She is also promoting strain authentication through combining chemoprofile data analytics with strain genotyping to distinguish cannabis drug type strains currently being grown in the global cannabis market and oversees the development of an IP portfolio on terpenes.



Malcolm Lamont
Lead Scientist

Malcolm Lamont draws upon over 20 years of practical experience in the plant biotechnology industry. During this time Malcolm created advanced Tissue Culture based propagation systems and plant performance enhancement technologies as the basis for generating superior plant species. Plant species experiencing this technology gain, increase in key metrics including growth, resilience, yield and quality; and hence deliver substantial commercial opportunities. 

Malcolm has focused heavily on new technologies and approaches to plant improvements and induction of disease resistance in plants, while continuing to develop plant based solutions for a number of environmental problems through induced adaptation.



Damian Solomon
Cultivation Expert

Damian has over 20 years of experience in greenhouse management, traditional horticulture and controlled environment growing systems. Since 2014 he has been involved in the commercial cannabis industry as Director of Cultivation & Ag Technology for Medmen where he leveraged his vast experience in controlled environments to bring best-of-class procedures, processes and technology into the cannabis space.

Recently, Damian left Medmen to start his own horticultural consulting company, Plant Geek Consulting, LLC as he saw a compelling opportunity to offer his years of understanding, insight and horticultural expertise to his clients. He has travelled the world visiting greenhouses and speaking with growers to share agronomic advice and experience and provide high-level consulting services. Damian is well known in the industry and considered an expert in the field of controlled environment agriculture. Mr. Solomon was awarded a BS in Plant Sciences/Crop Production from the University of Arizona. Damian is forward thinking and loves to blend the art of growing crops with applied technology to optimize results.



Ross Burtness
Marketing Director

With over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and brand management. Ross is a multidisciplinary marketing executive with an eye for innovation and drives for building brands.  He specializes in building brands, consumer dynamics, brand identity, and sales.

For examples, as a member of the AI-startup iUNU, Ross was instrumental in bringing the flagship product (Luna) to market and he currently manages Sales and Marketing and oversees tradeshow planning, branding, and social media. With his marketing and sales strategies, sales grew 500% over his first 2 years in business. 

Currently, Ross advises a number of disruptive cannabis and hemp companies and enables them to sharpen their competitive advantage in the increasingly noisy industry. Throughout his extensive experience in this industry, he has developed an endless amount of global network professionals, especially in the cannabis sector. 



Rae Brown
Brand Specialist

Rae Brown is a Brand leadership professional with an entrepreneurial drive and 15 years experience in brand, marketing, sales and product management. She previously worked as Creative Director for Burb, as well as HIKU where she built the Doja brand, digital environments and retail experience.

Rae is a committed leader with experience inside fragmented start-ups and established public corporations. She has a proven capacity to build businesses, lead change, identify market opportunities and drive team productivity. Her brand work can be seen here



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